Honest Election Project Action Reacts to McAuliffe’s Decision to Hire Questionable Lawyer

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project Action 

“Terry McAuliffe’s decision to spend big on disgraced lawyer Marc Elias in the closing days of his campaign raises many red flags. Elias has spent his career flying around the country targeting competitive states with lawsuits intended to rewrite election laws for partisan gain.

“Elias fought to overturn the certified results of a congressional race in Iowa earlier. In Virginia, he has already filed a lawsuit against the postal service. McAuliffe must explain why he hired a disgraced partisan lawyer with deep ties to liberal dark-money interests and a history of undermining the fairness and security of elections. Given that McAuliffe recently peddled the lie that Stacey Abrams’ failed bid for Georgia governor was stolen, Virginians deserve to know whether he will accept the will of voters. Using litigation as a weapon to skew election laws for partisan gain is outrageous. Voters, not lawyers, should decide our elections.”

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