Honest Elections Project Action Applauds Georgia Senate Ethics Committee for Advancing Bill to Further Curtail Private Election Funding

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project Action:

“Honest Elections Project Action applauds the Georgia Senate Ethics Committee for quickly advancing legislation to end the efforts of the left-wing, dark money-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life to evade state law and pump millions of dollars into DeKalb County elections. Georgia law already prohibits CTCL’s recent $2 million grant to DeKalb County – Georgia’s Secretary of State has confirmed this and the state election board has opened an investigation into DeKalb’s actions. Nevertheless, Georgia lawmakers are right to remove any shadow of doubt. Not only would this reform ensure that elections officials are accountable to taxpayers, not out of state special interest, it would compel DeKalb to return CTCL’s illicit grant. The private funding of election administration sows distrust in our elections and should be stopped wherever it occurs.”


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