Honest Elections Project Action Condemns Governor Hobbs Veto on Ranked Choice Voting Ban

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project Action, released the following statement:

“Honest Elections Project Action condemns Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ veto of commonsense legislation to ban ranked choice voting (RCV). RCV is a failed experiment that makes voting harder and puts trust in elections at risk. In fact, RCV is so complicated that voters and public officials alike struggle to understand it. Just look at Oakland, California, where the wrong candidate was declared the winner of a local race and had to sue to take office.

“RCV is a fringe reform that discourages participation and even disenfranchises voters, but out-of-state ‘dark money’ groups are pushing hard to bring this opaque and complex system to Arizona and the rest of the country. Just this year, South Dakota and Idaho have joined Florida and Tennessee in banning RCV, while other states are advancing legislation to prohibit or eliminate its use. This veto by Governor Hobbs puts Arizona out of step with the growing national recognition that RCV is the wrong way to conduct an election.”

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