Honest Elections Project Action Reacts to North Carolina Supreme Court Ruling

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project Action:

“Today’s ruling in the North Carolina Supreme Court restoring voter ID, affirming the power of lawmakers to draw legislative maps, and upholding a law requiring felons to complete their full sentences before regaining ballot access is a victory for the rule of law and a recognition of the important, but limited, role of courts in our constitutional system. Left-wing litigators like anti-democracy attorney Marc Elias spent years treating the North Carolina Supreme Court like a supreme legislature. The Court’s former Democratic majority used these hyper-partisan lawsuits to strike down a popular voter ID law, attempt to gerrymander the state for Democrats, and even invented a way for courts to strike down constitutional amendments passed by the people of North Carolina. They responded by electing a new Supreme Court majority, and today the North Carolina Supreme Court has delivered a win for fair elections governed by laws passed by elected legislatures. This is a win for the rule of law, for democracy, and for the people of North Carolina.”

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