Honest Elections Project Action Statement Ahead of Hearings on Ranked Choice Voting in Ohio and Wisconsin

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project Action, released the following statement:

“Tomorrow, Honest Elections Project will send representatives to Wisconsin and Ohio to participate in dueling legislative hearings on bills pertaining to ranked-choice voting (RCV). Wisconsin lawmakers will deliberate on legislation that would implement final-five voting and Ohio lawmakers will consider a bill to outlaw RCV. HEP Action, along with more than a dozen conservative groups, will oppose the Wisconsin measure and support the Ohio bill.

“RCV advocates have clearly realized that promoting RCV on the merits is not working, which is why proponents are resorting to pie-in-the-sky arguments about ‘fairness’ and somehow claiming that final-five voting isn’t RCV, even though RCV is an integral component of final-five voting. At the end of the day, RCV is unpopular because it makes voting harder and the public don’t understand or want it. Wisconsin and Ohio lawmakers should do the right thing and oppose RCV tomorrow.”

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