Honest Elections Project Action Urges Michigan Democratic Lawmakers to Stop Deceiving Voters

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project Action, released the following statement:

“Last year, as groups like Honest Elections Project and others warned, Michigan Democrats and their allies ran a misleading and deceptive campaign to convince voters to pass Proposition 2. Now, those same politicians are taking full advantage of Proposition 2’s sweeping changes to systematically stack the deck with a series of bills intended to reshape voting for partisan gain. I call on Michigan lawmakers to reject these partisan proposals and focus on securing and improving elections for all voters.

“Michigan Democrats told voters last year that Proposition 2 would protect voter ID. Now, those same politicians are pushing a bill to weaken voter ID. Michiganders were told they were voting for nine days of early voting only for Michigan Democrats to push legislation allowing jurisdictions to offer 29 days of early voting, something large cities can do but small and rural communities will not. In other words, Michigan lawmakers are trying to give urban Democrats more opportunities to vote than rural Republicans. And by pushing the National Popular Vote Compact, progressive politicians want to hand control of Michigan’s electoral votes to states like California and New York.”

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